Sign Maintenance and Sign Lighting Services

Our dedicated service team is committed to quick, cost-effective solutions for your sign repair needs.

PSCO Kieffer has a dedicated service team that focuses on your existing sign lighting and maintenance signage needs. After completing your signage installation, you can count on our specialized team to help maintain your brand image and signage. Our signage expertise ensures you the best value and best plan of action as needed for repairs as they arise.

How We Help?
Preventative Maintenance Programs: We can create a preventive program designed to address common maintenance signage issues so you are proactively protecting your brand image.

Repairs and Restorations:
 We can troubleshoot your issue and provide the best repair plan options. Sign lighting conversions are also common to extend the sign’s life and reduce future maintenance costs.

Storm & Natural Elements Damage:
 Over time, unexpected damage from storms or the natural elements creates the need for sign and lighting repairs. Our on-call team provides repair support with safety and an efficient repair plan to get your brand image back on point.

Nationwide Reach:
With our signage expertise, a dedicated team, and an extensive network of sign technicians, we provide support coast to coast.

Our dedicated service team is your one-stop shop for all sign lighting and sign repair and maintenance needs nationwide. Our team has the capabilities required to perform an extensive range of different service requests, whether it be servicing hi-rise building signage in the city or performing a retrofit on your existing sign lighting. PSCO Kieffer provides service and maintenance solutions to ensure your brand endures long after installation.  

Example of sign lighting service request – The local restaurant general manager noted part of the sign lighting was out on their exterior sign. The impact of sign lighting issues can be crucial, so they immediately call the PSCO Kieffer service team. After a quick phone assessment, an installer was dispatched to repair the sign. It was back up and working due to a failed power supply. Regardless of your signage program, our team can help you extend your signage program’s life through various services. From cleaning the sign faces to sign lighting upgrades, our team can help you create a plan to maximize your brand in your local market.


Sign on to maintain your sign lighting and sign repairs. Our team is designed for proactive, reactive, and emergencies.

  • On-Call Maintenance
  • Planned & Preventative Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Retrofits
  • Neon to LED
  • Fluorescents to long life bulbs
  • LED Reader Board Repairs
  • Electrical Repair
  • Storm Damage Relief
  • Store rebranding & banner installs
  • Turnkey Banner Solutions
  • Parking lot lighting and wall packs
  • General Contracting
  • Neon Repair
  • Full Asset Surveys
  • Monthly Inspections
  • Damaged Sign Replacement
  • Sign Cleaning
  • Pole Painting