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PSCO Kieffer’s team can help find creative ways to transform your interior space with interior signage and graphics. Our experienced designers and project managers are ready to discuss your vision and create concepts that can help your brand flow from the exterior building throughout the interior. Create a memorable brand experience and messaging through custom interior signage. A great example is interior retail signage – designed to help keep guests moving throughout the space, understand your offering and resonate with your brand. Outdoor retail signage is essential to attract customers to their store, and interior signage is equally important to create a lasting brand impression and overall experience. We are a single-source provider committed to quality custom interior signage and exterior signage products.

Need Ideas for Your Interior Space?

Check back or follow us on social media for tips and ongoing questions our team receives. Here are a few common questions:

What does Interior Signage include?

Interior signage refers to the signs and graphics used inside a building or structure, such as wayfinding signs, directional signs, room identification signs, and safety signs. These signs provide information and direction to building occupants and visitors and can be made from various materials. Interior signage can be illuminated or non-illuminated and mounted on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. Building codes and accessibility regulations often guide the design and placement of interior signage. Suppose you have a large interior space to cover or need a way to grab attention throughout the year. In that case, custom wall graphics are a great option to communicate special offers, company vision statements, and more.

What is Interior Wayfinding Signage?

Interior wayfinding signage refers to the various signs and visual cues to guide people through a building or facility. These signs can include directional arrows, room numbers, floor plans, and other information that helps visitors navigate the space. The goal of interior wayfinding signage is to make it easy for people to find their way around and reach their destination quickly and easily. Proper wayfinding and planning help alleviate stress and help reduce the need to ask staff for directions.

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