Experienced Sign Installers

Worry-free sign installation by the industry’s most skilled professionals.
Exterior Sign Prepped for Sign Installer

Signage is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. Once your sign is manufactured, the sign installation is the most important aspect of the project. PSCO Kieffer manages sign installations anywhere in the United States and beyond.

New sign. Existing sign updates. Updated sign lighting. A knowledgeable sign installation company is key to the end goal – your brand is looking its best and ensuring the value of your investment. Our sign installation team ensures everything is covered to ensure complete satisfaction with the project.

How do we do it? We leverage teams with PSCO Global Group and maintain a network of authorized, experienced sign installation companies; so you can trust that the job is done right. Proper sign installation is critical to your sign program’s appearance and longevity, minimizing repairs and maintenance due to improper installations.

Our installation services include:

  • Sign Removal
  • Area & Wall Remediation
  • Site preparation and clean-up
  • Concrete and steelwork
  • Landscaping

Our network includes thousands of sign installation companies that are constantly being reviewed and evaluated as an extension of PSCO Kieffer. We ensure that all sign installers maintain proper insurance and licenses.

Our goal is to meet your sign installation goal by managing all aspects of the installation process. Permit approval and correct site access to having all the proper materials and equipment onsite, our team ensure a smooth operation regardless of the sign installation complexity. We install interior and exterior signs and complete any wiring needed for illumination. We also will perform sign removals of signs that are no longer required and dispose of them. Most importantly, our team ensures minimal disruption during the installation. When the job is complete, we confirm the signage is in the proper location per the specifications. 


Sign installation examples we perform include virtually all sign types for branding programs.

Our work ranges from temporary banners to high-rise installations.

  • Interior Signs
  • Digital Displays
  • Monument and Pylon Signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Post and Panel Signs

Contact our team today for help with your signage needs or service and maintenance on your existing signage.