Designed for you, custom exterior signs and branding products to support your brand.

PSCO Kieffer is a leading sign manufacturer for exterior signs. Outdoor signage options are limitless and one of the best investments you can make to advertise your business. Our team has the in-house talent, with decades of experience in our trade, to deliver quality and well-thought-out signage for your needs.

When it comes to your visual brand, consistency is key. Our manufacturing process ensures consistency in your exterior signage program, including brand standard compliance, color matching, and correct design. We have procedures that ensure accuracy each time for one sign or 1,000. No matter how sophisticated your brand image or how many locations are required, we guarantee we’ll meet your specifications every time.

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Exterior signage refers to the signs and graphics located outside a building or structure. These signs can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, wayfinding, identification, and branding. Exterior signage can come in many different forms, including:

Custom Signage
Channel Letter Signage
Cabinet Signage
Pylon Signage
Monument Signage
Directional and Wayfinding Signage
Blade Signage
Awnings and Canopies
Exterior Digital Signage

Our design and engineering teams work to create an exterior sign that meets your vision and is designed in the best possible manner to provide a lasting sign for your business. We even consider constructing the sign for future updates or efficient access for future lighting maintenance during the design phase and provide alternate recommendations for review.

While our capabilities are limitless, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed to ensure quality, repeatable practices, and efficiencies through all phases of our production process. Contact us today, and our team can discuss the process, delivery timelines, and what you can expect from a leading exterior sign provider.

Outdoor Signage

Channel Letters

PSCO Kieffer offers channel letters, reverse channel letters, aluminum plate letters or formed plastic letters. Signs can be illuminated using LED, neon, or fluorescent components, depending on your design specifications.

exterior signs


PSCO Kieffer manufactures signs of all types – from monuments to interstate high-rise pylons. Exterior sign faces can be manufactured in a variety of materials such as embossed polycarbonate, flexible film, or routed aluminum.

Channel Letters

LED Signs

LED lighting is a cost effective option for most applications. PSCO Kieffer can create new signage using LED components and even convert existing signs to money-saving LED lighting. We can assist you from design and engineering to installation.