Signage Design & Engineering

Signage designed for impact, engineered for efficiency.
Signage Design,  custom sign fabrication

Signage is an integral part of your branding program. Your brand has specific needs, from design to performance requirements, that differentiate you in the market. You need a partner who understands all aspects of the process and can deliver brand consistency each time. Did you know that brand consistency across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%? And that consistent color usage increases brand recognition by 80%? Maybe the numbers, but you know the impact this has as a consumer yourself.

PSCO Kieffer works beyond quality custom sign fabrication and architectural elements to ensure your brand looks its best in every space you are present. We pride ourselves on developing sign standards that are a blueprint for your brand and meet your vision through our design and engineering teams.

Our in-house design and engineering teams work together to deliver the right solution for our customers. We specialize in custom sign fabrication for all brands to maximize the impact and cost-effectiveness of your signage program design.

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Signage Design

Our team starts the design process with due diligence obtained from the site survey, code requirements, and branding direction from our customers. Creative concepts are developed so you can review signage design options for each specific sign placement. All signs, interior, and exterior are compiled in a site-specific brand book, which includes supporting details from material specifications, color, and size specifications.

Driven by your goals and our experience, signage design recommendations can include:

Development of Sign Standards

Sign Location Placement Recommendations

Signage Specifications and Dimensions

Site-Specific Brand Books

Sign Engineering

Our engineering team works alongside our design team to provide feedback on the best approach for custom sign fabrication.  While the design meets the customer’s vision, our sign engineering ensures the sign can be built and meet necessary code and performance criteria. Our team also provides recommendations, when possible, on value engineering for your program.

Driven by your goals and our experience, sign engineering recommendations can include:

Material Substitutions

LED Placement

Alternate Fabrication Techniques

Size/Dimension Changes

Maintenance Access

There are many steps, from the signage design concept to the product installation. The PSCO Kieffer team ensures we have met your vision, performance criteria, and budget to help support one of your best branding assets – signage! If you have an existing signage design or need help developing program standards, contact us today and let our team help discuss how to build your brand.