Creating a Scalable Signage Program

Signage is part of any successful brand identity and is one of the most effective tools you have for your business. Even if you start with one location, working with a knowledgeable signage partner with a national reach can ensure a consistent brand in the marketplace. Signage can be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, and to help ensure your program has the most value, we outlined the top 5 considerations for creating a sign program that works for your brand.

  1. Take time upfront. Take the time to review designs that best convey your brand and can be scalable. Whether you have a set of standards established or working from a logo concept, build in enough time to review and finalize the design that fits your brand vision. Your final set of sign standards should show different variations to help create a standard that can be repeatable in different scenarios.

  2. Be specific. Your standards should cover everything from lighting specifics to PMS colors. This will create a uniform brand presence and ensure the original vision can be replicated for future builds.  

  3. Know your cost. Get pricing on the total sign package before approving the design. This allows you to make any needed modifications to create the most cost-effective program. It also allows the option to review value engineering opportunities to get your cost more in line if required, such as material swaps and lighting changes.

  4. One size doesn’t fit all. Local codes and tenant requirements ultimately drive what is allowed at each location. You need to be flexible and rely on your standards to make modifications as required. Having an approval process for changes needed creates flexibility in the design while maintaining the brand vision. 

  5. Flexibility for different regions. Performance needs may change based on the elements. While staying within the specification is important, it also may be unrealistic in specific areas. Be open to new materials or a better approach that could create long-term benefits and cost savings for various regions. For instance, in warmer climates, material fading may be an issue. New products or material recommendations that perform better can help create product longevity, ultimately keeping the brand looking its best and cost savings over time.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 locations, we can help support your branding needs. Our team can help develop sign standards and help with your program’s management to ensure a successful signage and branding program. Contact PSCO Kieffer to build your brand today!