Business Development for Outdoor Signage, Interior and Beyond

Creating the Right Signage Program for Your Brand.
Rebranding Strategy

Our sign consultants start our process by understanding your needs, indoor and outdoor signage goals and reviewing your unique sign program requirements. Our objective is to learn about your business and brand identity, including addressing any desired sign types, sign specifications, and budget. The next step is to detail a comprehensive action plan for managing your sign program and developing a program that can scale with you as your business grows. We specialize in problem-solving, finding the best solutions, and cost-efficiencies. Once we have gone through our discovery process, we create recommendations and discussing with all decision-makers to ensure your program is successful.

PSCO Kieffer business development benefits any of your needs. Examples include:

  • New Business
  • Single or multi-site location
  • Rebranding
  • Site Conversions
  • National Rollouts
  • LED Retrofits

As a national signage provider, we solve problems and recommend creative solutions to meet various client needs. Our goal is to provide a seamless customer service experience and create a plan catered to your specific branding needs assuring you the best outcome. PSCO Kieffer can discuss your challenges and goals or uncover if we can help your program improve.

Connect with a Sign Consultant

Check back or follow us on social media for tips and ongoing questions our team receives. Here are a few common questions:

What does a rebranding strategy entail?

A rebranding strategy involves changing the image or identity of a brand to target new customers, enter new markets, or reposition the brand in the minds of existing customers. This can include changes to a company’s name and impact logo, packaging, messaging, or marketing campaigns. A rebranding strategy aims to improve brand awareness, customer loyalty, and, ultimately, sales. PSCO Kieffer specializes in the signage portion of a rebranding. From door vinyl to awnings to temporary banners to exterior and interior signage, we can ensure your rebranding goes smoothly. We will propose a few designs, implementation ideas, and other details ideas so that you can choose the right one for your brand.

Why would we consider an LED retrofit vs. a new sign?

This is a typical question our business development team receives. As a sign consultant, our team uncovers details on your existing sign program. We also look at budget, and timing to help your team make a data-driven decision on the best options for your brand. 

LED retrofit replaces traditional lighting sources such as incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs with LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. LED retrofitting can be done on most signage types to improve energy efficiency, lower costs, and reduce maintenance. LED lights have a longer lifespan, use less energy, and produce less heat than traditional lighting options. Retrofitting with LED lighting can also improve a space’s overall lighting quality and color rendering. Retrofitting costs depend on the sign size and the number of lights needing to be replaced. This can be a great option to extend the life of your sign and create an impact with improved lighting. Our team reviews all options to help you make the best decision for your business.

What types of Outdoor signage do you provide?

Outdoor signage refers to any sign or display that is placed outside of a building or structure. These signs are typically used for advertising, branding, wayfinding, or to provide information to the public. Outdoor signage can come in various forms, including monuments, pylons, billboards, building, and directional signs.

Outdoor signage is typically designed to withstand various weather conditions and last for a long time. Still, it will also depend on the type of sign, the materials used, and the quality of installation. It’s also essential to comply with local regulations and zoning laws when installing outdoor signage. Our team specializes in reviewing all these recommendations with your team to ensure the correct signage is present. We can even provide more than just signs – we custom fabricate ATM surrounds, awnings, large format wall graphics and more. Click here to see all of our options.