2023 National Signage Program Planning

2023 Brand Conversions

There are just nine weeks left in 2022. This year faced many challenges for everyone, from navigating material to labor shortages, increased gas prices, and so on.

As companies start to pivot from closing out 2022 and shifting focus toward 2023, there is a continued need to be efficient and flexible. Specifically relating to our industry, we have a few tips for national signage and branding programs.

A national signage program with hundreds of sites has several moving parts of managing its storefronts, such as old branding, signage needing repairs, new locations opening, and brand conversions based on new acquisitions. 

How do you establish a plan and needed budget for 2023 for your signage program?

Existing Storefront Signage

Your storefront signage conveys an important brand image in the marketplace, so identify the essential elements for your storefront. Where does each location rank, and what is the cost to bring the location up to desired standards? 

  • How many sites have old branding out of compliance with new brand standards? 
  • Which storefronts need new signage due to wear and tear?
  • Which locations have only minor repairs?

If brand compliance is the drive, prioritize the storefronts that require the most updates and identify a goal for those locations in your 2023 plan. If budget is the driver, define stores that need minimal updates, such as face replacements or new lighting, and prioritize those locations. It may be a mix of both strategies to maximize your storefront signage program.

Brand Conversion Signage

If your company has planned acquisitions, rolling out a new brand is familiar territory. A few reminders as you forecast in 2023 budget needs.

  • When is the acquisition, and when does the new brand need to be implemented?
  • Take inventory of existing signage on-premise. Signage providers can do a site survey that provides photos, dimensions, and other details of current branding elements.
  • Form a budget. Can existing structures be used with simple replacement faces and new paint, or does everything need new signage from the ground up?
  • Can you stage the rollout, is temporary signage needed until permitting or landlord approvals can be approved?

As in all business planning, data-driven decisions are essential. Outlining your 2023 signage program allows a plan and budget to be in place. When unexpected acquisitions or signage repairs arise, you have a plan and can adjust based on the data you have.

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